Disclosure of protected health information (PHI) has remained our focus for 25 years and is a simple way to improve workflow and the overall patient experience. As the demands for protected health information increase, partnering with Acton is an ideal way to relieve staff, improve workflow and provide additional HIPAA assurances.

Acton Solution Benefits

The benefit of using our ROI services are instant. You'll see reduced incoming phone calls, better patient care all while remaining HIPAA compliant. We maintain one of the highest client retention rates with many of our clients trusting our ROI service for over 20 years.

This explains why nearly 80% of medical practices choose to outsource ROI requests.

What does ROI service do?

  • One or more dedicated HIPAA-Trained ROI Specialists on-site or remote
  • Tailored ROI process for specific needs of your facility
  • All aspects of the ROI process from opening mail to payment
  • Share file encrypted transmissions direct to patient or 3rd Party via email
  • Accounting of Disclosures within your EMR or our eAccutrac software
  • Quick turn around time and Acton’s Triple Check system

Types of ROI We Offer

Full Service ROI

Acton Corporation can place an on-site ROI specialist to assist your department with any and all medical record requests.

Shared ROI

Get the guidance and assistance you need by having your office team and our ROI specialists work hand-in-hand.

Remote ROI

Avoid a breach within your department by using remote experts to ensure all health information is HIPAA compliant.

We Also Offer Audit Support!

 Acton’s Audit Support provides the resources and technology to securely and accurately process your audits. We make this burdensome task virtually painless, taking the strain off of your staff and saving you money.

  • Handle complex RAC, PRO, HEDIS and CMS audits
  • Expedites the audit process while maintaining compliance
  • e-Delivery of audits via Auditor portal or Acton's FTP portal
  • Acton specialists coordinate with Auditor 
  • Monthly audit reports
  • Real time status updates

Our Products

Direct Release

Direct Release is our answer to the digital age of medical records. Direct Release is an all-inclusive software service that allows our employees to process your medical records more securely and efficiently. Direct Release provides a safe, secure, and accurate release of information service for the age of electronic medical records.


Scanit Document Imaging

Scanit was designed specifically for the medical industry to provide optimal settings to easily scan an array of chart documents into high-quality images. Acton offers pricing below the competition and in-house scanning costs - but without the common pitfalls of trying to do it yourself. Affordable and efficient Scanit, document imaging will save you time and money.


FMLA Form Completion

There is no direct cost to you when outsourcing form completion to Acton. We will assign a liaison to communicate with patients, employers, and benefits coordinators - ensuring patients receive timely completion of their important paperwork. Acton takes the load off clinical staff, allowing them to focus on patient care.


Need Help?

Patient support is our main priority. Contact us at any time during the process and a friendly Acton specialist will be happy to help.