SCANIT - Turning Paper Into Paperless!

Developed specifically for the medical record industry. 

Our Services

Scanit takes your paper charts and turns them into a pdf file.  This PDF file can be uploaded into your current emr system or stored on a server or in the cloud.

Our Work

We have scanned over 2 million medical records charts.  Scanit can get the job done fast, efficient and at the best possible cost.

Scanit Solutions

Do you have boxes of medical records laying around? Or worse are you paying to have them stored and then pay again each time you need the chart.

SCANIT - Turning Paper Into PDF's!

What We Do

Scanit specializes in providing every component needed to convert paper medical records to digital records. Whether you need your medical records scanned into your new EMR/EHR system or would like to have your inactive charts archived, Scanit can offer a safe, fast and economical solution.

Why Scanit?

Scanit was developed by Acton Corporation to save your facility money and valuable office space. Working in the medical record industry for more than twenty years has allowed Acton Corporation to make many great working relationships with ROI specialists and healthcare administrators. One constant theme kept resurfacing: the need to store inactive charts and free up valuable shelf space. This is where Scanit comes in to turns paper into paperless.

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