Turning Paper Into Paperless!

A safe, fast, and economical way to convert paper medical records to digital records.

What is Scanit?

Using our experience, we have developed a software called Scanit that quickly and efficiently turns your paper documents into electronic format. Scanit allows our experienced staff to accurately scan, review, and create quality electronic files with a quick turnaround.

Our flexible approach gives you the option to scan as one big project or just a box at a time. The goal of our Scanit software is to take your office completely paperless.

What does Scanit do?

  • Converts paper medical records into digital records
  • Identifies costly misfiles in charts
  • Includes active patient records, back scanning, inactive and deceased patients
  • Digital output encrypted hard drive or the Acton portal Indexing and EMR integration
  • Archiving services
  • EMR conversion services
  • Data migration

Why Use Scanit Over Other Software?


Scan paper charts three times faster than physical scanners. Upload the file into your current EMR system, store it on a server or in the cloud.


A dedicated HIPAA-trained professional scans your paper charts freeing up valuable shelf space. You also have access to the portal 24/7.


Scanit is more affordable than traditional scanning. Our proprietary software and allow us to offer one of the lowest prices per page.

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