Turning Paper Into Paperless

The majority of medical record departments are drowning in a sea of inactive medical records. Many have had to resort to using off site storage to alleviate this problem. Scanit was designed specifically for the medical industry to deal with this burden. Scanit specializes in providing every component needed to convert paper medical records to digital records. Whether you need your medical records scanned into your new EMR/EHR system or would like to have your inactive charts archived, Scanit can offer a safe, fast and economical solution.

Scanit was developed by Acton Corporation to save your facility money and valuable office space. Working in the medical record industry for more than a decade has allowed Acton Corporation to make many great working relationships with ROI specialists and healthcare administrators. One constant theme kept resurfacing: the need to store inactive charts and free up valuable shelf space. This is where Scanit comes in to turns paper into paperless.

Scanit Pricing

Price is a major concern for all businesses. Scanit offers several pricing options that can easily conform to almost any budget. We provide an interest free monthly payment plan that can fit into your budget. The key factors in Scanit's flexible pricing structure are strictly based on your wants and needs. You decide what services your office needs and what fits your budget.