Designed for practices that have a fully integrated EMR system, remote ROI services can be provided daily and can reduce turnaround times to a matter of hours. This process is simple to set up making your office more efficient with best-in-class customer service.

Dedicated ROI Specialist

Your facility and patients will have a remote HIPAA trained Acton specialist to assist throughout the entire ROI process from their first record request until the documents are in their portal.

Secure Record Management

Security is our number one priority. Acton understands this concern and has enhanced our entire IT infrastructure with the latest security protocols.

Patient Support

By prioritizing the patients and our client's needs we maintain a great client retention record that shows we walk the walk when it comes to customer service.

Zero Cost

Acton is dedicated to offering services to your medical facility at no cost. We can do this by billing third-party requestors directly. This enables us to process all of your non-billable requests at no charge while providing the best customer service in the industry.

Acton Triple Check

Using our exclusive Triple Check process, we ensure each piece of information being released is verified by 2 HIPAA trained specialists during 3 different steps of the process. The Triple Check Advantages protects patients privacy and eliminates liability on behalf of our clients.

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