Experience The Best in ROI Customer Service

Acton Corporation can provide your medical records department with an experienced ROI specialist to handle all of your medical record requests.

What is Full-Service Release of Information?

Full-Service ROI is designed for larger clinics and hospitals experiencing high volumes of requests. Our highly trained ROI specialist operates within your department, on-site, responding to third-party requests, assisting patients, and handling related phone calls. Our specialist will integrate seamlessly into your department's current workflow - providing immediate relief at little or no cost to you.

Our full-service ROI service is the best of large company technology and small business customer service. Acton has found the answer to safeguarding protected health information while still providing fast, secure, and easy access to medical records.

Entire ROI Process

We assist your patients throughout the form completion and claim process from start to finish reducing costs, ensuring patient satisfaction and HIPAA compliance. Let Acton’s experienced staff design an ROI process specifically for the needs of your ROI department.

Tailored to Your Facility

An Acton ROI specialist will review the needs of your facility and work with you to discover what type of ROI service would best fit your facility. Our goal is to provide high quality customer service to you and your patients, help your staff be more efficient and save you money.

Patient Support

Many patients are unfamiliar with the process and may become confused or frustrated. Acton understands this and works courteously with your patients to complete the process in a polite and timely manner. We are available to your patients via phone, email and chat.

Zero Cost

Acton is dedicated to offering services to your facility at no cost. We can do this by billing third party requestors directly. This enables us to process all of your non-billable requests at no charge to you.

Acton Triple Check

Using our exclusive Acton Triple Check process, we ensure each piece of information being released is verified by 2 HIPAA trained specialists during 3 different steps of the process. This protects patients' privacy and eliminates liability on behalf of our clients.

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