Full Service Release of Information.

Experience the best of large company technology and small business customer service. Acton Corporation has found the answer to safeguarding your patient's health information better than ever while providing faster and easier access.

Acton Corporation can provide your high volume health information department or medical recods department with the manpower to handle all of your medical requests. Our highly trained ROI Specialists operate within your department providing the answers to all of the complex third-party requests and are available to assist all walk-in patients and handle all phone calls concerning medical records release.

We adapt to your departments workflow and provide a vital part of patient care with a small buisness mentality. The majority of patients are unfamiliar with the process are often confused and  frustrated. Acton Corporation understands this and really make sure the patient is comfortable with the process.



  • One or more HIPAA trained ROI Specialists on-site
  • Tailored ROI Process for specific needs of your facility
  • Handles all aspects of the ROI process from opening mail to payment
  • Sharefile encrypted transmissions direct to patient or 3rd Party via email
  • Accounting of Disclosures within your EMR or our eAccutrac software
  • Acton Triple Check System