Do you need a copy of your medical records?

We have provided a simple 5-step process below for you to receive a copy of your medical records. If you need assisstance

at any time during the process, Acton's friendly staff is happy to help.

Toll Free: 888.678.7227

Protecting patient privacy is our priority. Acton Corporation follows all laws, rules and HIPAA guidelines concerning the Privacy and Security of your protected health information. If you have a question, concern or complaint regarding your records and their security or your privacy, please contact our HIPAA Privacy Officer.

Step 1

Print Patient Consent Form to begin

Patients have a right to access their protected health information for the purposes of healthcare treatment in an effort to be more involved with decision on their treatment. Patients are also allowed to direct their records to any individual or organization they deem necessary. The doctors, Acton contracts with, require in writing, any request for records. The "Get This" link provided below, will allow for a download of the Patient Consent form which needs to be completed fully, with contact information, and returned to your doctor's office.

* Note patient consent forms are only for patient directed requests and can not be used in place of a 3rd Party HIPAA authorization.

Step 2

Complete the form and return to your provider:

Your doctor's office prefers to have requests sent directly to them, for documentation and tracking purposes. Contact your doctor for the fax number or address. Many requests can be made an uploaded through your patient portal.


Confirm your requests and fees:

Acton Corporation will contact you via mail and phone with your right of access fees for records and confirm instructions for delivery. The fees are minimal, based on labor costs associated with gathering the information, and any supplies need to fulfill your request. Acton Corporation can securely email your records directly with NO account setup.  Acton Corporation will notify you of any charges prior to billing.

Step 4

Make Payment:

We accept all major credit cards through our online payment option (top right of page). Simply enter the provided invoice number and submit payment. You can also mail check or money order to...                              

Acton Corporation

13521 Old Highway 280 Suite 141

Birmingham, Alabama 35242

Step 5

Look for your records

If you included an email address, you will receive a secure link that will allow a download for 5 business days. If you specified to have records faxed they will be sent the same day or the next morning, varies on time of day. If mailed, please allow 3-5 business days for postal service.