Class Action Lawsuit

In a nutshell, Federal law and state regulations govern how much can be charged for access to medical records.  By law, patients, physicians, insurance companies, and attorneys can be charged different rates, or “access fees” by companies like Acton.  Some attorneys, in an attempt to avoid paying legitimate fees, will try to claim that a patient requested the records, even though the original request came from the attorney.

You may have heard that Acton and other health information companies like it are parties to a class-action lawsuit brought by a lone attorney in Alabama.  The suit claims that the companies over-charged patients for access to medical records – a charge Acton firmly denies.

Acton has faithfully served its clients for over 20 years and has never intentionally over-charged anyone.  We operate in strict accordance with HIPAA and HITECH laws and regulations, and look forward to resolving this matter quickly.  If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact us immediately.