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Direct Release

Direct Release is our answer to the digital age of medical records.  Direct Release is an all inclusive service and software that allows our employees to process your medical records more securely and efficiently. Direct Release provides a safe, secure and accurate release of information service for the age of electronic medical records.


Today, not only is the release of medical information important but also the documenting of all disclosures has taken on a greater role.  eAccutrac is designed to help you with disclosure reporting and the tracking of medical records.

HIPAA Software and Solutions

With the demands placed on healthcare facilities from HIPAA and HITECH Act, the need to track and monitor the release of information has never been greater. Because of this need, Acton Corporation has developed software to help in the documentation and delivery of the requested medical records.

Scanit Document Imaging

Scanit was designed specifically for the medical industry providing the optimal settings to easily scan an array of chart documents into a high quality image.  Acton offer pricing  well below the competition and is in-line with what an in-house scan will costs. Let us assist in avoiding the many pitfalls of an in-house scan. Affordable and efficient Scanit, document imaging will save you time and money.

  • Fast Turn-around
  • Inclusive per page pricing
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Easily Accessible
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant

FMLA and Patient Forms

There is no direct cost to you when outsourcing form completion to Acton. We will assign a liason to communicate with the patients, employers and benefits coordinators; ensuring patients receive timely completion of their important paperwork. Let Acton take a load off of your clinical staff, allowing them to focus on patients care.

  • No Cost to facility
  • Fast Turn-Around 
  • Easy Workflow and Review
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Reduce incoming Phone
  • Happier Clinicians

Acton Services

Acton offers a variety of services to fit your office's health information management needs.  Our approach is to tailor one or more of our serivces that best suits your busy practice and improve office work-flow. By utilizing Acton's service/s, as an extension of your office the benefits are instant. Reduced incoming phone calls, better patient care, improved office morale are all benefits you will see while cutting costs. Acton Corporation maintains the highest client retention rate with many of our clients trusting Acton's reliable release of information service for over 15 years.